Ocean Research and Education

      "We collected and documented thousands of
    plastic products that covered the NWHI. They
    came from all over the world—the U.S., Japan,
    France, countries throughout Asia and around
    the globe. Pollution like this knows no
    nationality. We cannot blame one country or
    culture. The "citizenship" of this pollution
    belongs to all of us, and it is our charge to find   
    an answer for the proper disposal of non-
    biodegradable products that are affecting every
    level of this delicate food chain".                               
    --Jean Michel Cousteau
copyright ⓒ, MFSE 2009

    "We will be able to highlight a place
    that   doesn’t need to be restored but
    needs to be protected.    

          --Jean-Michel Cousteau
Toothbrush from inside dead Albatross
Loading dive chamber aboard Searcher
Filming from bridge during departure
Searcher Captain with ocean debris
Dive teamdriving to dive site
Jean-Michel speaking during departure ceremony
Voyage to Kure with Cousteau