Since 1989 MFSE has been a 501 (C)(3)
    non-profit, dedicated to assisting
    researchers and research throughout the
    United States. With the purchase of the
    Searcher in 1997, MFSE began to expand
    its marine research program. Initial
    projects included open ocean pollutant
    assays, sampling for the presence of
    endocrine disrupting chemicals around
    Hawaii and in the open Pacific. Since
    then, Searcher has worked on fisheries
    projects throughout the Hawaiian Islands
    in conjunction with the Hawaii
    Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB)
    the Joint Institute for Marine and
    Atmospheric Research (JIMAR) and USFish
    & Wildlife. The Searcher has
    circumnavigated all of the main Hawaiian
    Islands studying bottomfish (Ehu and
    Onaga) as part of a breeding program and
    for DNA population analysis, as well as
    tagging and tracking various pelagic species.
    In addition MFSE has filmed with the
    BBC, Scripps Institute, and Jean-Michel
    Cousteau. Searcher has served with the
    US Air Force and U.S.Army on projects at
    Johnston Island, and Cetacean tagging with
    the Cascadia Research organization.

    Ocean Research and Education
copyrite ⓒ, MFSE 2009

The Crew

    Searcher’s professional crew can
    include US Coast Guard Licensed
    Captains, Certified Ocean Lifeguards,
    Emergency Medical Technicians, Dive
    Instructors and Dive Masters, and
    professional watermen. We also offer
    skilled chefs who provide excellent
    cuisine and can meet the needs of
    any special dietary requirements.
    All of our crew maintain certifications
    in First Aid/CPR and undergo
    background checks prior to
    employment. A physician trained in
    Internal Medicine and Dive Medicine
    is available for appropriate projects.